Wednesday  Aug 17, 2022
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Product Conveyor Systems
Part# 3001

Universal GoldMetal Inc. manufacture common mesh-belt conveyor systems for regular and irregular shaped, large or small, light and heavy objects.

Product Inclined mesh-belt conveyor systems
Part# 3004

Inclined mesh-belt conveyor systems that can move product between two different elevations.

Product Spiral-type mesh-belt conveyor systems
Part# 3005

This series of spiral-type mesh belt provide a reliable solution for the vertical conveyance of product and can be applied to the smaller radius spiral conveyor line. The advantage is the use of small space processing of a large number of products, such as frozen port, beef, poultry frozen meat. High quality, Long service life.

Product Single Drum Spiral Freezer
Part# 3006

Spiral Mesh-Belt
Compact, Small size
Low power consumption
Main components are manufactured using food grade stainless steel
Uniform airflow
Can provide a variety of expected out of direction

Product Double Drum Spiral Freezer
Part# 3008

Double spiral drum
UGM's Spiral mesh-belt
Can achieve low-in and low-out for products
Spiral freezer can freeze large quantity products in less space, especially for products needed long holding time such as meats.
Special Drum Structure is strong, easy cleaning, running smoothly
The belt with side guard made of SS304-durability, hygiene

Product Conveyor Mesh-Belt
Part# 3010

Universal GoldMetal INC. mesh-belt can provide a variety of options for import export orientation, and especially for food production line. Simple operation, easy maintenance and cleaning.

Product Automatic Wonton Machine
Part# 3012

Product Automatic Spring Roll and Samosa Pastry Sheet Machine
Part# 3014

Product Automatic Shumai Machine
Part# 3015

Product Automatic Multipurpose Filling & Forming Machine
Part# 3016

Product Semi-Automatic Spring Roll and Samosa Production Line
Part# 3017

Product Automatic Multi Function Sheeting,Filling,Rolling&Forming Production Line
Part# 3018